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Remember when you were just learning to write, nothing made you feel worse than receiving your graded paper back covered with red ink?

We're here to help you change that!

At Formidable Red Pen, red ink is your friend. Our expert author services - *edits* - are designed to help you bring your work up to its highest level so it reflects your best potential. We help you find the rough spots and smooth them out, and we're nice about it!  We're here to help you make sure your work always presents beautifully. You're a busy professional. You have stories to write and deadlines to meet, and you need to make sure you maintain high levels of quality control. 

That's where we come in:  even the most gifted and skilled writers need another set of eyes to look for the well-hidden glitches and polish the final product.

When you've done all you can do, contact us.  In fact, for best results, team up with us when you're in the planning phase of your writing to schedule developmental, copy, and final edits. You'll be more productive because you have to adhere to a schedule, and your finished work will shine like never before!

  • We can coach, mentor, develop, edit, proof, and critique to help make your WIP the best it can be.
  • We customize our rates to fit your project, so you never pay for services you don't need.
  • We hold all projects under a strict confidentiality/nondisclosure policy; this is your creation, not ours.

With accredited professional training and over thirty years of combined professional editorial and writing experience, our team will work directly with you to make sure your finished project is something you will be proud to present to your audience.

Literary Fiction * Genre Fiction * Romance (all categories) * Memoir / Biography

What are you waiting for?

We've got your back, from cover to cover.

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